From Crappy to Happy




Everyone knows what it’s like to feel like crap. Enthusiasm wanes, tempers flare, the downward spiral looms daily or seemingly engulfs you completely. It’s part of the natural twisting and turning of life’s journey and usually, we find our way through. Sometimes though, we hit a particularly rough patch as the same crappy stuff keeps turning up again and again. It may be about work, family, relationships or money.

The result is internal stress created by how we perceive our world and judge our situation or ourselves. Beliefs, thoughts and experiences all have energetic imprints that affect and influence our feelings and behaviour, but they can be shifted and changed. In difficult times, we really need to find more pro-active thoughts and actions. By shifting viewpoints or beliefs and relieving heaviness and stress, we can free up enough energy to start moving forward but it’s not always easy to see the way through on your own.

That’s where I can add some Happy to your life! I have worked with hundreds of men and women internationally, and over many years to help them generate more positive, practical and effective changes in their lives. If you feel like you are not running on all cylinders, we can clear some of that crappiness, re-wire your circuitry and get you fuelled for take off!!

Happy works for everyone.